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I actually hope to video tape some of these techniques soon. Stay tuned, because I will post them here when I get them taped and edited.
but there was also fresh kitchen waste mixed in with it and I wasn't about to try to strain that out so that I could get the two pints of compost out to throw under the roses. So I ordered a second composter thinking I would have one cooking older waste while I had another one to receive fresh waste.
for I know alasfd l to well that this season of her life will pass much to soon. Savor these sweet moments with your little one's- in a blink of an eye, they are all grown up.

Hey! No knocking Gaga on my watch, mister! Talent's talent, be it of the folk variety or the pop variety. Katy Perry, however, you can say whatever you want about. Her only redeeming quality, in my eyes, is her nice rack.

i couldnt agree more, they are something very special. Its laughable how artists like katy perry and lady "gaga" are topping the charts when music like this is being made.

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