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Another new release - I recently discovered The Redwalls, who released a new album 6/21 called De Nova. They are from Chicago and I think this is their third album. It's kind of a funky sounding brit-pop, very reminiscent of the beatles and reminds me slightly of Oasis too... except, um, not British (though I think they REALLY want to be). Anyhow it's a fun album and a fresh enough sound that I would definitely recommend the album. They also have a great song about how much the FCC sucks (I think it's on a previous album though). I wouldn't call them "punk," as they seem to on their web site (www.theredwalls.com), but they've got a great sound. Oh, and they're playing at the Metro on Friday (6/24).

Well said on the Billy thing, I really dug my first couple of Pumpkins purchases, but lost the feeling and don't need it back.

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