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I was going to ask "Beloved by who?" but apparently people actually like this jerk. And to the person who mentioned Beatle Bob, oh lord! I hope they both drop totally off the radar. Instanter.

Tim Tuten rocks. His enthusiasm is unmatched. Thax was tolerable. Does anyone in NYC know Thax is on his way? It's almost the ultimate Second City prank to not give anyone there a fair warning. I don't even know how you would begin to explain Thax to anyone. Maybe that's part of his charm.I think DJBV could be the next great MC for this town. God knows he likes to get into shows for free.

I really like Tim. Thax is ok, must admit he's now a little boring. Tim has great energy, as long as he keeps his rants under 2 minutes I can deal with it. So Chicago, we are ready to the next great introducer. What'ya got?And Thax, I don't think New York is a good choice for what you are looking for. They won't be any nicer to you there.

I'm not much of a poetry afficianado, but Thax's poems generally had one trait that elevated them to relative greatness. They were short. Very short. And really, that's all I ask for. Kind of sad to see him go. I'll miss the novelty. And having chatted with him once or twice, he seemed like a good guy.

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