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While trying to find out more information on VietNam, Google brought me here... This review made me chuckle a bit. I saw the Lemonheads (with VietNam) in Charleston, SC last week. As a long time Lemonheads and Evan Dando fan, I loved the show (there may or may not have been fist pumping going on behind me, but being right in front of the stage, I didn't notice it) and found Vess Ruhtenberg to be absolutely amazing on the bass. I loved your comments about VietNam and the the audience's response as they seemed right on for us South Carolinians as well. I told the people with whom I went to the show that I'd definitely have to give them a shot outside of my Lemonheads-y mindset, but they just weren't doing it for me right then (Who knows, It is possible that it was strictly a mindset thing, but I'm somehow doubting it). Mostly, from what I witnessed looking behind me (as most people were still back at the bar during VietNam's performance), people were kind of standing around, impatient, and slightly annoyed with their whole performance. Mostly, I just found them umimpressive. Probably much like you found Dando and the boys.

I am still trying to imagine a bunch of aged hipsters fist pumping to Evan Dando. Man, that is just a crazy image in my head right now! A part of me wish I had been there just to observe the people.

Brian Jones was not responsible for the lead guitar playing, or sound that was snatched from therollingstones*'s version of "Time Is On My Side" ... it was, on either version, (the original UK and US releases differed drastically) the talents of Keith Richards playing that incredibly beautiful and bluesy solo and riffs.

about that song "Why do you do this to yourself", Jon himself has said that its a track he wrote with Evan Dando, non? why the debate?

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