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i think you are missing the point. they are part of the victim of time/hozac et. al. scene. its garage rock; equal parts charm, sloppy noise, and hooks. i will admit the opening of this song is kinda weird, the they build it up into a very catchy chorus and rock the ending right the fuck out. i think miles may have picked these kids over let say someone like ms alex white, is because we should already know that alex white is amazing. yeah they may be better bands by why not use the space to hype a new band starting out. and sure he may have also picked it for the controversy angle, force ppl to think about the term "best rock/pop band in chicago". i mean that is a huge and very far reaching title.

and heck for 18 yrs old they are really making a run at the black lips and doing a dam fine job. give the myspace songs a try ..they recording quality is a bit better then the youtube here.

my 2ยข

oh well

I second that 'Uh'.

Even a cover band is more creative than that.

Uh, just watched that video. That was awful. I don't think there's a "best" band or anything - here or elsewhere - but that was just painful.

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