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So, in a panic, I called BossLady today to discuss this with her. She not only reminded me that we'd been to several weddings where the couples had met online but she also alerted me to the fact that times had changed and I should embrace technology and the world of online dating. She even gave me a ton of advice about which dating sites to avoid. Awesome!
Here's the problem.
As my buddy James has reminded me, I have a somewhat offbeat sense of humor. If I'm going to datesdf online, I might as well cut to the chase. As James said, "Listen, bro. They're going to find out sooner or later. You might as well float it out there." Good advice.

i heard this earlier in the week and almost almost forgot about it. kickin!!!

Yeah, I saw these ladies play in L.A. and they were awesome! I just posted a review of their new album on my Blog

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