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thank you for having a good discussion on this topic

This is very good advice. I would be happier focusing on musicians I love instead of those I hate. I know little about contemporary music, because I love listenig to oldies instead. Still I hear about Justin Bieber mostly in rants. A good example is those, which are anti-Bieber and pro-Beatles. I did see one of Bieber's music videos out of curiosity. He is adorable, but he is just not my style. I am no fan, but I am not a hater either. Ignoring is a great idea. It reminds me of the advice given in the new age movie, The Secret. It claimed that focucing in the bad will attact more bad. (Fortunatly it works the same way with good stuff.)

hi. this is a great post.. i was not know the history.. thanks for sharing :)

I think he's got talent.

1. You don't have to listen to Bieber's music to know he's talented. He's all over TV singing all the time, and if ANY of you replying to this article say that 'you haven't seen him on TV,' you're full of shit. The author didn't contradict himself, he paid a compliment while also expressing his disdain for Bieber's "music."

2. To question that kid's talent is ridiculous. I'd like to see you sing 15 songs, play drums, and dance around on a huge stage in a thick LETTERMAN JACKET, all under intensely hot lights. All while singing well enough to not piss off your fans.

What you people fail to see is the hard work in the performance of his material. That kid has more stamina than any middle aged person in good shape.

I hate Bieber's music. What I hate more is a bunch of people running their mouths about things they have NO CLUE about. Maybe instead of ripping apart the author for his 'inconsistencies,' you can be constructive and take his advice. If you hate Bieber, don't watch him on TV, don't buy his albums, and don't talk about him. If you want him to go away, make his money go away. Plain and simple.

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